About Us

A1Gizmo is an Ecommerce brand of PGW Techex Pvt Ltd founded in 2021 & Owned by Women Entrepreneur Mrs. Pooja Wani. It is a Tech organization that is focused on bringing technology to life faster,  It makes life powerful and Productive than ever. We addresses the lifestyle challenges every type of people like Businessmens, CXO, Designers, Developers, Professors, Investors & Housewifes. We elevate their life experiance by bringing worldwide technologies to his figure tips and enabling them with the power of technology.

The world’s most powerful people are using Tech-savvy gadgets to simplify life and make it smarter. A1Gizmo is aiming to make these gadgets easily available at the best value to all professionals who want to become highly productive and match the speed of Digitization. A1Gizmo is committed to delivering world-class Gadgets.


Our Vision

Enabling lifestyle with Technology

Our Mission

Bringing world-class Technologies to lifestyle to make business Professionals more productive and smarter than ever before.


Pooja Wani
Founder & CEO

A young and dynamic entrepreneur with excellence in Finance, Import & Export Domain. 10+ years experience in Manufacturing & Engineering domains. Visionary to bring new Innovative technologies and gadgets to the lifestyle of human beings and make them smarter.