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Smart Whiteboard 82″

Original price was: ₹140000.Current price is: ₹90000.

  •   Display Size-82” 
  •   Display Resolution- 3840×2160 
  •   Brightness- 350cd/cm2
  •   Aspect Ratio- 16:9 
  •   Contrast Ratio- 4000:1  
  •   Highly responsible touchscreen 
  •   Dedicated APP for Teaching  

Warranty: 3 Years

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A smart whiteboard is a technological advancement in traditional classroom or office whiteboards. It is an interactive board that allows users to write, draw, or annotate on its surface and share it digitally with others in real-time. 

 Two series available of this Smart Whiteboard: 

  • Interactive whiteboard S series 
  • Interactive whiteboard P series 

Key Features of Smart Whiteboard 82” 

  •   Easy to save and shareInstant QR code generation is enabled for share. 
  •  Capacitive Touch– It is a conductive surface with a special coating and allows an electrical conductor (stylus or finger) to deal with the circuit. Embedded sensors can identify the touch event easily. 
  •  4K Ultra HD Screen– You will find high-quality images that provide an immersive visual experience. 
  •  Screen Sharing– A Smart Whiteboard can never be interactive without the screen sharing ability. It lets you share content from computers, laptops, and other devices. You can choose between an HDMI connection cable and a Wi-Fi connection. Share screens to multiple devices at a time. 
  •  Portable and lightweight– Although the display is a standard size, it is portable. Download and install the software and start working. The overall design is not bulky, and it fits into any environment. The ultra-slim design incorporates both functional and aesthetic values. 

       Two Installation Methods – This whiteboard can be installed in two ways: 

  1.  Wall Mounted Installation
  2.   Mobile Stand Installation 

     All the features are the same in both the series, the only difference is the frame.  

           In the S series, there is an Ultra Slim Aluminum frame. 

           In the P series, there is a Macaron Color slim frame. 

                Uses of Smart Whiteboard 82” 

  •            Education– If your students feel bored in the traditional classroom, invest in a Smart Whiteboard. Implement a new teaching and learning approach by showing graphs and images on the board. 
  •           Tourism and hospitality– Show high-quality media images to your customers. Geographical maps can be drawn and saved on your device. Airports also use the interactive whiteboard for displaying flight status. 
  •           Entertainment and media– Let your customers interact with the venue. They can find dining destinations from the information shown on the Smart Whiteboard. 

          Benefits of Smart Whiteboard 82” 

  •           User-friendly. Dynamic.  
  •           Collaborate with clients 
  •           Show presentation to colleagues 
  •           Keep your students more involved in classes 

 Our interactive Smart Whiteboard is the ultimate solution! Replace your traditional board with the Smart Whiteboard. This large high-tech device with a touch-sensitive screen encourages you to write and draw more efficiently. The whiteboard with built-in software is a great choice for 

  •           Annotating diagrams and images 
  •           Visualizing projects 
  •           Connecting with useful apps 

There is no need to be tech-savvy to use white. Still, the Smart Whiteboard is designed to let you work smartly. 

Technical Features of the Smart Whiteboard 82” 

 Our Smart Whiteboard presents you with a large display that provides a smooth pen writing/chalk writing experience. You can erase and write directly on the panel. Moreover, you can stroke thickness and pen color with simple touch gestures. Use your smart pen and do whatever you want. The whiteboard is an incredible product with an all-in-one display solution. 

         Check a few technical details of the interactive whiteboard- 

  •   Display Size-82” 
  •   Display Resolution- 3840×2160 
  •   Brightness- 350cd/cm2
  •   Aspect Ratio- 16:9 
  •   Contrast Ratio- 4000:1  
  •   Highly responsible touchscreen 
  •   Dedicated APP for Teaching    

 What makes Smart Whiteboard unique? 

        .Quick deployment 

The touch panel is already inserted into the system, and it is ready for your use. 

        . Real-time interaction 

You can use the smart board for your corporate purposes. It is good for offline and online meetings with connected video and audio peripherals. 

        . Multi-user capability 

Access the edited content, graphics, and files at a time. You will not waste your time searching for them physically. 

       . High compatibility 

Establish a connection with Smart Whiteboard and other devices like desktops, smartphones, and notebooks. 

      . An affordable option 

Smart Whiteboard is available at a cost-effective rate. Besides, you can easily upgrade the software to its new version. 

 So, invest in our Smart Whiteboard, engineered for the simplicity of your desire. 


How to use Interactive White Board?

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